Saturday, September 19, 2009

spring flowers

It has been so warm, it sort of feels like we missed spring. But at least I am not missing out on spring flowers(with the high tea in Toowoomba next weekend) and these pretty things have been blossoming...
excuse my pride but I do really love playing with these as photography subjects!

I also got some inspiration from my lovely local op shops when I went for a mid week visit with my sweet friend Melania. She has an appreciation for retro styled goodies (so good to have an op shop companion) and we discovered the prettiest knitting needles. She bought a bundle of anodised aluminium ones which I didn't even know existed-they were so cool that even though I rarely knit I was tempted too! I did however bring home some lovely velvet and other gorgeous sewing bits and bobs which will quickly find their way into something, a clutch, brooch...something deserving.

Crocheting flowers is the most relaxing and lovely thing to do, especially working with beautiful wool. This one above is decorated with felt and a glass bead from the gem world shop but it is the glorious coloured yarn which inspired me.
So much creation has been going on my stocks of wool were depleted. 3 balls of woolganic yarn came home today-it is great to be able to purchase Australian 100%certified organic merino wool.
Here are the colours I chose-
pretty already but they are presently soaking in a mixture of 50-50 water and vinegar ready to be over dyed tomorrow! I am loving multi coloured wools and so I am going to have a play with these.

So hopefully there will be some new pictures up here soon of the results of my dyeing experimentation...

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Anonymous said...

oooohhh it's me!

delightful to read your post...i did read the bits about my visit out to gav - warmest fuzzies! can't wait to see what you do with that beautiful velvet.

for some reason i thought the afternoon tea was today - i was wrong! i would still love to see if i can come.

send you some pics when i load them on to my computer xox