Saturday, September 12, 2009

spring joys

Hello spring! You've sprung and how happy I am to see you!

I donned my prettiest vintage print skirt yesterday and had a self proclaimed 'weekend' day off.
And glorious it was...

Kicked off by Sharing breakfast at Sassafras cafe in Paddington. (I recommend the french toast with caramelised apples, mmm-I added berries to my order too.)

Then off to do some "pudge walking-off". Further up the road visited the beautiful Paddington Antiques centre with it's incredible ultramarine ceiling (which alone is worth a visit. )
Each time I visit I always marvel at the hilarious and stylish retro items...

And am always tempted by all sorts of beautiful, weird and wonderful objects. But I contented myself with just trying on a hat or two...

Does anyone else wish it was still the fashion to always wear hats? And 50's ones at that?

After our exhausting stroll, refreshments were gathered at the Java cafe next door...

I bought a new packet of chai tea. I really enjoy the wild chai blend, it has such a lovely mix of spices and is not clove heavy, which turns me off a lot of chai blends.
The days also included these

...op shops($11 for a full bag of antique centre styled goods..heh, heh) and beer(at the Merthyr street bowls club-best views of river) and wine and pasta and mushrooms and dvds and was a great day.
So apart from having a day off I have been mostly working and looking after my youngest fella. He's been in the wars, as the expression goes with a badly sprained ankle and now a respiratory infection. But being a home based craft worker has its advantages, with being able to be there for him a calming thing.

Joyfully and meaningfully the work still goes on,
and keeps me going on and these new additions
are available online via the lovely craft sites etsy and made it.

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