Tuesday, September 22, 2009

spring or summer?

I have a wedding coming up, a lovely spring wedding in the new farm park, which will be delightful and flowery and all those sugary sweet things so I am happy to attend...but this red frock above is my 'wedding guest dress.' And since I last wore it has strangely shrunken...a whole size!! I was swanning about in it in my backyard for some photos and it was uncomfortably tight. In fact just about all my summer clothes seem littler...well, it's a mystery, I might eat some choccy and think about it.

This is my native raspberry bush. Its onto it's second season and not a fruit to be found. Pretty leaves though? Maybe the global warming style warm weather is messing with it? It messed with my state of mind the last few days, it's just SO darn hot! I miss spring!
Luckilly we live near the beach, so we headed off and found ourselves some good spots in the shady trees and took in in the breeze...
and enjoyed some sweet sights. My little ones always show me dear little things.
...and my house is never short of a vase of these with Luka on "sun flower" picking duty.
I don't have the heart to tell him they aren't sunflowers!
I am rambling on about my lads because they are actually four hours away right now, laughing it up at the beach with their grandparents and I miss them.
But it's a great chance to get some work happening and look-it what I did with those plain balls of wall!

Very multi coloured. Very lovely.
So the steps I followed as told to me by the lovely Kelly from Tangled yarns in New farm;
Soak wool in 50% vinegar and water solution for a couple hours(she said overnight-I am not that patient)
Place on gladwrap-outside the house as this is messy stuff-and splosh food dye over the yarn.(I used blue, yellow and cochineal on the already coloured wools). You can use a dropper or a paintbrush.
Wrap them securely in the gladwrap.
Steam them in a stove top steamer for about an hour. Or if you are part of the modern world use your microwave! Rinse very well and hang in the shade to dry.
And voila!
I hope to see some new faces at the Avid market this Friday and also at the high tea on Saturday, exciting!

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