Wednesday, September 30, 2009

busy, busy.

I have to admit this will be very random, mainly because my past week has been chock-a-block full of very varied I am just jotting stuff down. I will be back into some kind of routine after the school holidays and will write properly once more but for now here is my happenings...what I have been seeing and doing...

Aside from dusting. And then dusting again- I have had lots and lots on...

The always lovely Avid Reader little market was a great night again. I love seeing friends pop in and catching up with the other stall holders each time is sweet. And of course the customers, each visit or purchase is so appreciated, truly.

And then there was the high tea. Pretty little teaspoons...fine bone china...little cakes....ahhh. The dust may have blown in outside but within the beautful De Maloy house it was clean, cool and serene. It was a great and successful event, I am so glad I was able to go. And I now have proof of my theory that 'it is so much more elegant to stuff your face on tiny cakes and scones', do you agree?

Fire hazard or birthday cake?After this birthday I am 'as old as a fossil' my kids charmingly tell me. Indeed, 'I must have known dinosaurs as a child.' The wit of the young!

Putting my horrid(but loveable) boys aside, I also recieved this most special birthday gift-a sweet silver chair necklace by artist Victoria Mason. It's so whimsical and naive, I love it.

Audrey rocks too, she's my fab friends' little purple piano plonking princess.

I am loving Brisbane right now, the weather is so sunny(and thankfully dust free for the last few days-yay!) So we have been getting out-a lot-to the galleries, museums, markets, etc.
We are loving seeing the cute insects out and about(this one befriended Lu at Northey Street.)

The gallery with its outside sculpture was brilliant to climb on.

The GOMA Easton Pearson exhibition has a fun kids area, designing fashion, which my 2 noisy boisys loved!?!

And last but not least, I am so excited about these fat juicy looking fellas-my tomato plants are loaded with these and they are finally ripening! Yum!

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