Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blackstar street party

It's sad but I forgot to take a single photo of my kids at the Blackstar street party and market last night-silly me! We really appreciated the sweet words and support of people passing by our stall and my kids were so happy with their first ever sales. I am so proud of them and love their drawings, I feel so warm and fuzzy they had some recognition, big thanks.
So many people were out enjoying themselves, the event drew over 500 people! A big night!

These are some of the things which sold at the last couple of markets. The glass beads were embedded into the felt and buttons almost like eggs in a nest, maybe spring is really getting to me this year-flowers, nests, eggs!
Its a pleasure to use lovely pieces of vintage fabric like this.
The pattern was so funky but the fabric had been sewn into a cover, maybe for a jaffle maker or something? Appliance covers are ?? but often fortunately made up of very cool fabric. Anyway, when unpicked I found there wasn't much to use and the pieces were very random shapes. So after holding onto it for the right project for the longest time I so loved the way it could be used for the main body part of this clutch bag and really showed off.
I stopped by a garage sale today and got a whole shopping bag full of crochet cotton, lots of metallics amongst the mix, so tomorrow is going to be a time of exploring some ideas for how to utilize them,


Li-Kim Chuah said...

These kids drawings are ace, you should get your boys to enter them in a design comp, they'd make cute t-shirts. is a great site for shirts and is always looking for designers.

dash robin said...

thanks, that is a great idea...i might even look into printing some myself.