Sunday, October 25, 2009

fiesta time again and avid this friday

I have been observing and noticing everyday surroundings. The grass around my area is all drying off and pale yellow and stalky hard against bare feet and the dandelions are seeding and re-sprouting in record time, it's so pretty to watch their seed heads get caught up in a swirl of air.

One afternoon recently I was playing with these food dyed blue pieces of paper, some old sheet music and a few tiny squares of origami paper and seeing what I could come up with.

I stained my finger tips blue with the mix of glue and dye, that's one extra thing I came up with. But I also made some sweet gift tags, so I will bring them along to Avid this Friday and if you buy something as a gift you might like one to go with it?
I have to finish them with a suitable message...or leave them blank? Hmmm.

Can it really be a year since the last valley fiesta? Last year I missed it, was unwell and yearned to go. Now, I'm fit as a fiddle, I was, I have to admit, half hearted about going...but I was very keen to see two artists...

Ah, Kev Carmody...I only managed to make it in time to hear one song, but no complaints from me as it was 'from little things, big things grow.' What a beautiful song and his words at the close of his set were, 'look after the children, no violence against women.' Good stuff.

Bertie Blackman performed at the other end of the event, late at night, a crush of people around, but her stories are very moving too. Of course a different style altogether, but maybe linked by how true to themselves, unique and absorbed with what they are doing as they perform?

It's a lovely feeling, very freeing to be 'lost' in that moment of creativity, I encourage anyone to give themselves permission to give art, music, dancing, anything like that a go,

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