Tuesday, October 27, 2009

plushy toys

I have spent the past couple of days emptying my plushys of wheat...and refilling them with soft stuffing. It has been meditative(i.e-no thinking required) but also dull. Unfortunately wheat grains do not have an un-limited shelf life, where-as poly fibre filling does and is also dust free.

And as my kids seem to have allergies(coughing, runny noses,etc-I don't know what, but something is going on), this is part of my household solution of removing potential allergen's. So from now on I will happily make hot pack plushy's, but only to order, so flick me an email if you want one.

The good news about this stuffing change though is that all my plushys' now are baby-safe(no small choke hazards within) so under 3s can safely play with them, and they are much lighter and therefore cheaper to post, so hopefully these benefits will outweigh the costs( the neighbourhood crows and other birds are very happy eating the wheat seeds I have put out into our much raided compost. They must think I am very kind to them.) Anyway, enough of this stuff(ha!ha!)

I made a sad discovery this morning. A tiny little green tree frog, barely alive, looking very battered on my living room floor. We had a really long and intense thunderstorm here last night and he must have gotten caught up in it. I was lucky to have had this little fellow around my place and garden, but as he died I was so sorrowful. The poor little thing was so cute. Nothing can make you feel much more helpless than a sick frog...

Despite it's froggy-harming ways I do appreciate the lovely soaking rain, this morning the whole street seems cleaner and fresher since those awful dust storms coated everything in a orange, chalky film. My coffee, lemon and ice cream trees(all in pots) look lusher than they have...well, ever really. So I will breathe in that clear air and get on with my day,

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