Sunday, October 18, 2009

spring traditions

I enjoyed a very sweet and gentle weekend, attending a wedding yesterday with a large lovely crowd of beautiful friends and spending the day with my fellas today.
Gorgeous frocks, fantastic Scottish accents, funny moments and warm memories.

The light filtering through the Jacaranda trees was so beautiful, I have always seen couples marrying at New Farm park and it really is the perfect place for a celebration. Love is the best thing to celebrate and share, I had such a happy day.

The wedding dress was stunning (and the bridesmaids too)and the shadows of the tulle skirts over the floorboards was striking as the day turned to night.

My wee lads and I are currently following another Brisbane tradition of raising silkworms. Spring in Brisbane wouldn't be complete without the annual gathering of mulberry leaves for the soft white caterpillars, of waiting for the moths to hatch out of the little silky cocoons.

Caring for silkworms is a very rewarding experience for kids. It's an opportunity to demonstrate how to show respect and care for even the smallest of beings,it educates them about insects life cycles and also gives them an experience of seeing where silk fibre comes from. And also they are so cute and fuzzy and they need to be gently handled, which is lovely for boys too.
Happiness to all, big and small

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