Friday, October 16, 2009

friends and such

Here is proof my children's room can be tidy. Of course, they weren't home at the time and I had spent the day cleaning it...but gosh it's so fleetingly nice. Note my mums handiwork on bed too, in form of quilt? It is so treasured, made up of tiny squares of picture patterns.

I was home more than usual this week, so I worked on my house and organising it and also spent some time hand stitching which I rarely do anymore. I love using pale grey and green and this simple image was adapted from a Japanese book of embroidery designs. It's a small feature on a small hand bag, larger than clutch style, made out of a felted jumper and finished with a crochet beaded strap.
I am learning a new technique of beaded crochet and love the results here, made by combining felted crochet and recycled glass beads...

And I have been enjoying using this red and white polka dotted fabric. There is something so apple fresh and crisp about red and white polka dots?

My dear lovely sweet friend (who I met doing the business babe course) Lindylu, has collected some fabric from her mother and her own stocks for me....I was so excited to see some pink and white tiny scale polka dotted fabric amongst the wonderfully generous gifts. It's lovely to have the support of crafty-resourceful friends and I know we will continue to inspire and encourage each other.

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