Thursday, October 8, 2009

computer troubles

I have been reading some interesting books lately and borrowing from libraries dvds and craft books. It is very relaxing after the craziness of school holidays...
My favourite places to buy books in Brisbane are River bend books in Bulimba and Clarence corner books in Woolloonbagga. Riverbend has lovely stock, gift items, a cool kids area and really helpful staff. And Clarence has super friendly staff too, great coffee and a really diverse range of books including unusual and rare second hand ones. I also love their independence from major chains and how different their whole style and stock is because of this freedom of business strategies.
Recently I bought, 'the divided heart' by Rachel Power which explores creativity and motherhood and the challenges or joys of continuing a creative life after children and their needs enter it. She interviews a range of artists, including actress Rachel Griffiths, film maker Sara Watt and my fave, singer Clare Bowditch. I find the range of answers and experiences everything to do with parenting it seems there is no right way, just what works best for your child and your life.
I also watched the film, Vera Drake, by Mike Leigh. A stunning cast turns this film into such a heart wrenching real experience, one of those films where you feel immersed into the world, the characters...really moving.
I have still been snapping away with my beloved camera but alas I am having internet connection problems from my laptop so this is being typed out on another...hope to get it fixed soon and picture filled once more,

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