Sunday, October 4, 2009

home sweet home...

After a trip out for a lovely morning swim at the local beach, my boys and I returned home and there we stayed for most of the day. Sooo good to have an at home day!
I spent the day watering plants, emptying the over flowing compost bin, putting away massive piles of clean clothes in laundry...basically pottering. Pottering is wandering your house and garden and doing some random little chores between cups of tea.
Pottering is good for the soul, it's also time to notice small's a sample of my surrounds.

Red and white check with grey...mmm

A small pile of stacked crockery, un-packed hastilly after the Toowoomba high tea.

Two floral patterned fabrics, a curtain and tablecloth, layered to form an improvised curtain.

An wise old fellow to look after us, his thought for the day is
'live in peace'

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