Thursday, October 29, 2009


Little Eden, and the double biscuit experience! Try this at home, a shortbread and a gingernut, yum! (BTW that is the least flattering photo of my new haircut ever seen!)
Anyhoo, cute children aside, one of our moths has hatched out of it's cocoon. The word vulnerable comes to mind. I don't know what moths like, if I could supply it, I would. Their bodies are covered in velvet like hairs and those antenna, half feather, half leaf are so delicate beautiful.

This is another worms cocoon, formed against the side of its old shoe box home. It is a gross yellow colour, huh!

Its hard when renting to have a pet so these are as close as I am getting lately to being able to tend to something, it's a very sweet feeling to care for something with respect and patience.

I have the next Avid market this Friday night, so do come in for a chat if you are in the area.
I will be bringing in my usual stuff plus these new fun brooches I have begun to make.
They crack me up for some reason!

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