Tuesday, October 13, 2009

stormy tuesday

I have found my lifes mission and here below is my mantra...I want to create an entire life based somehow around op shops because...

Ha, ha. I made this with some newly purchased letter beads. I love my letter beads...

The clouds are rumbling across the sky as I type this and my spirits are as high as them because my computer is working today. Its been on and off so I am glad its on again.
I have been a busy little bee, making my first ever business card and little swing tags for all my bits and bobs. I am getting right into the little details of it all now and find it very satisfying to finish off a piece with a little hand made tag.

I have the next avid market ahead and am gearing up for it, sorting out my things once again. I work in a great big mess, it seems to be more efficient to just put my head down and create then lift it up and sort out all the things I have used but not put away, folded, etc.
And as I tidy I find all sorts of inspiration. And dust. But definetely inspiration. And lots of acrylic wool. LOTS. I really don't like the feel of it at all but will surely think of some use for it...maybe as yarn to attach my swing tags to my things with? See how it happens!
Hope all is well,

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Jasmine said...

Love the 2nd picture.