Monday, July 5, 2010

Meet me Monday -LiKim Chuah

Meet me Monday-mini interviews about creativity with my fave people!
This has been nothing short of fascinating and fun to work on, if you enjoy reading and looking at this half as much as I did you will be happy.

Viewing LiKims' photography and collage images bring me rapidly to a point to envy,but I can also find joy in sharing her sense of creative playfulness...

"I am primarily a photographer, exploring the streets of the city or new suburbs.

I am into geometric building lines, shapes, old abandoned buildings, decaying things, composition, awesome colours and textures like peeling paint or oil stains on the road.

I actually feel like I have run out of Melbourne places, which is scary.I need to know more cool places to visit...anyone with any ideas please let me know.
I use two digital cameras;my SLR EOS 450D and my crappy camera phone. Film cameras from op shops and a couple of special novelty ones like the Golden half which I bought online in a moment of weakness. I use normal film, cross process slide film, red scale film and on occasion I alter/cut/paste/ink onto negatives.

Some of my favourite creations are from a long time sister back in the day.

As an op shop addict I always come across heaps of old school cook books with garish, ugly and gross food photos.I never had any use from them, other than my buffet themed jacket costume last Halloween...

Recently due to cold cold weather and grey skies I have started using these cook book images in collage, along with old National Geographic mags, kids picture books, pet books and sports books.

I love the kitsch factor of the photos, sitting in front of the TV cutting out the pictures and covering the entire lounge room floor in peices of paper.
I don't have a table and work on the floor which is bad for my body and anyone else who is wanting to walk through the lounge. As relaxing as collage is- it's harder than it seems.
Sometimes I might sit for a hour or more trying to position a puppy in front of rioting protesters.

I use a very crappy cheap stanley knife, stolen scissors, borrowed cardboard glue and pens from work and some textas I bought in Japan.
Make something creative every week or every day, even if its crappy and lame...create don't consume! And also cheese and banana on toast is underrated. You can add in peanut butter to the mix(Don't knock it til you've tried it)'
Thanks so much LiKim,
I had such fun with this,

anyone else interested in being featured drop me a line,
To see more of LiKims wonderful works of collage art and inspired photography go to
and blog


Crochet with Raymond said...

cool pics! i really enjoyed having a look through!

Bec said...

mmm collage envy

Chrissy Foreman C said...

Awesome! What a quirky gal ~ I bet she'd be a hoot to have over for a cuppa!