Sunday, July 25, 2010

meet me monday-northey street markets&gardens

Meet me Monday-Northey Street!

Going off on a tangent today-not a single creative person featured but a whole creative community space instead.
Northey Street comunity farm was developed by volunteers initially, gathering together to use a vacant space for food gardening. It was an area which had been resumed by the council due to flooding and then left vacant and overgrown.
Things have really changed...the original volunteers worked on the space 'under the radar', being told not to build any permanent structures or they would be 'removed'...
now the space has become a vibrant, celebrated and (ironically) council endorsed place!!

The entire space is sheltered by majestic trees, a giant mango above the cafe, ancient figs around the markets, a forest of food producing natives.

The Sunday organic market produce is fresh and delicious, the stall holders are the farmers or volunteers who have grown the veggies and fruit, and they are always happy to share their growing and cooking tips.

The shady places to gather and fairtrade organic coffee and chai are great and the fundraiser sausage sizzle is a organic child pleasing breakfast my kids have enjoyed many times!!

There are unique products in market-fairtrade baskets, homemade lemonade, Juliette's (in shawl) stall of thoughtfully selected books...

and Wild sugars amazingly delicious raw food desserts...(my advice when buying these goodies is get in early, they always sell out!)

The market now also incorporates 'village life'; a whole new area of stalls featuring locally and ethically produced delights...
There is beautiful organic skin and hair care products, massage tents, weaving, hand sewn and knitted items, beeswax candles and other gorgeous treats.

Aside from visiting the markets the backbone of whole place, and where it all began, is the extensive permaculture garden and nursery. These are amazing places to visit anytime.

There are also courses and workshops at Northey street which are fun, relaxed and hands on, combining practice with theory.

The garden supplies fresh ingredients for all the meals served up in the kitchen for students, workers, volunteers, the local homeless,etc.

Something else to check out is the new education centre being constructed, it is raised to protect against the floods which are becoming more frequent and intense due to global warming.

The Toorbul and other traditional custodians of the lan
d are present and active participants at Northey Street...
helping shape the space for generations ahead and respecting the ones from before.

Visit Northey street Community garden, Northey street in Windsor-the organic and village life markets on Sundays, or the garden anytime you need some fresh air!
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Crochet with Raymond said...

What an amazing looking market! I just wanted to go there! Markets are so fantastic... In Whangarei (far north NZ) there is a MASSIVE market, mostly organic and community goodness I used to go to every saturday... I miss is as in the city (wellington) there just isnt that vibe happening. Thanks for the inspiration for future manifestation!