Wednesday, July 7, 2010

my creative space

This time of year I get out of bed slowly, feeling un willing to wake, as a consequence all our meals get pushed later, lunches become bigger, dinners smaller.
I feel more introspective and less talkative...walk more, talk less, notice more beautiful things , but feel no need to take photographs, I eat less and drink more tea.

My joints get achy in winter too, my thumbs been sore (too much crochet can be a bad thing) so this week to give myself a break I tried some collage, using scanned images from my vintage books.
It's tricky stuff!! I am very inspired by LiKim(see my last post), her detailed collages must take so long to make, my above 'first go' took ages and it's just 2 pictures!

I did a little more yarn dyeing again this week too as its another easy activity.
I applied the dye onto them outside so I didn't have to worry about stains and spills-this is especially relevant when kids or messy adults (like me) are the painters.

Winding the skeins back into balls again in front of the heater was so peaceful, enjoyable passing the soft pretty coloured yarn through my fingers, so cozy.

I have been wanting to make ginger beer for yonks, my mum always made it when I was growing up and I found a recipe on the stellar Meet me at Mikes blog.

This not impressive looking little splash of liquid at the bottom of the jar is day one of the process of making the ginger plant to make the brew! Wish me luck?!


Bianca said...

oh wow! I am yet to try my hand at dying wool, pardon the pun, I am dying to try! I am though in the process of feeding our own ginger beer bug up! Gingery fresh times ahead!


Beck said...

Lots happening at your place! Love the colourful wool and the ginger beer sounds ace Hope you keep enjoying these sleepy winter days xo

Megan said...

ooh ginger beer making sounds interesting! keep us updated on how that works out. i love ginger beer but have never tried to make it before

Crochet with Raymond said...

the colour of the wool is just divine... My mum used to make ginger beer when we were kids and I remember bottles popping after being stored in the pantry for months! It would have been great fun for kids, high drama! have fun and have a lovely week :)

Kim W. said...

oooo pretty wool!! lovely colors!

Steph said...

Everything looks wonderful!! Love the idea of dying your own wool. And home made ginger beer...yummo!! Hope you have a gorgeous weekend :)

michelle said...

i love your observations of how this time of year slows you down. i agree completely. i love that you just go with it. the yarn looks so lovely drying in the albeit brief sunshine. and, the ginger beer idea is a great one. should warm your joints from the inside