Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brisbane floods

My heart goes out to all who are suffering, especially at this point in time by the floods. I am safe and the area of Brisbane I live in is not expected to flood and didn't flood during the 1974 Brisbane floods. If you'd like you can direct your concerns in a meaningful way to people who are genuinely in need of them by donating to red cross. They are working here and in many other parts of the world where people are suffering.
I feel shocked by what has happened in the Lockyer valley and Toowoomba. It has been a wearying time and I wish all well who read this, we will all be together soon and helping each other out as best we can. Northey street farm is closed until further notice, keep an eye on the website for further updates.
'Through our hopes and fears, our pleasures and pains we are deeply interconnected.'
Pema Chodron, 'comfortable with uncertainty'

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Baa-Me Kniits said...

Beautiful Quote Kate, hugs Jen xx