Wednesday, January 5, 2011

happy new year!

hello-goodness, the past few days of the new year have flown by. If they are anything to go by this year is going to be a doozy!! Oops-happy new years all! I do really wish anyone who reads these words all the best for this year...for peace and joy and lots and lots of happiness!
I am tapping away on a new computer. I used this new purchase to inspire me to re-organise a little, so my sewing desk is now my computer/sewing desk and is no longer in my bedroom but out in the lounge room!
This whole shift is bigger than just a furniture arrangement exercise.
It is driven by wanting an open style house-with spaces for quiet and retreat when you need them, but for there to be more flow, less 'shut away' working...anyway, I will see how this goes, but the aim is for my lads to learn and be inspired and for me to get some of that back from them!
Did you enjoy your new celebrations? I had a sweet night in, lovely catch up at a friends party on the 1st, followed by the first 2011 village life market on the 2nd. The weathers been very wet up here, as most of you would know, with lots of Queensland copping floods.
Happily here though the rain has bought lots of beautiful small sedge frogs to the grass in my garden. These frogs lay their eggs on the grasses and need long thick grass for shelter. If you live locally I suggest you leave a lawn length metre wide strip of grass un-cut this summer to see what ends up visiting you.

You might be pleasantly surprised! Check the picture below from my flickr set. I have had no cane toads at all, lots of tree frogs and lots and lots of sedge frogs and they are adorable. And of course while you allow that grass to grow you might want to spare the little creatures you are encouraging to live near you from being poisoned with herbicides and pesticides. There are about a billion reasons why to not use common garden weed killers aside from the obvious personal health benefit of not polluting your own body. You can keep one place on earth as organic as possible and avoid sending your money to support companies such as Monsanto. (They not only made the *disgusting* chemical agent orange and create genetically modified foods, they also produce our most common herbicide-round up.... frankly the folk who create these things don't fill me with comfort!)

My neighbours very young children looked after my cat for me while we were away and chose from my hand made toys a little amigurumi frog and caterpillar toy as their thank you gift-lovely to see frog love in ones so little!
Blessings and best wishes for the new year,


Photography said...

Happy new year to you! Here's to a year of craftiness and happiness!

Crochet with Raymond said...

Welcome back kate and happy new year! How cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute is that tiny wee frog! I TOTALLY agree with you on the pesticides.... totally! Go you, spreading the words.
Have a lovely week XXXXX

Maxabella said...

Happy new year. I love that froggy! x

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Nice office! I have my computer and craft at the kitchen table and it is much easier to keep an eye on things as well as the boys seeing what I am up too all the time and it does inspire them to be creative too. Just a pain to move it all when we have a family dinner on Sundays :-)

Is that new computer an apple?? I've been thinking of upgrading to one but waiting for the budget to be right. Do you like it?

The frogs are giving us a right chorus at the moment...they are loving all this rain!

melania said...

Looking good! You got the mac I see? Hope you're happy with the choice. I'm inspired to put the gumby's on and go hunting for frogs in the backyard. I've heard some froggy noises but not spotted them. Xox