Monday, January 17, 2011

Floods and the bay

This is the waterfront of the Moreton bay, near my house.
This was taken before the recent floods.

And these are after.

A tank and large pontoons.

Garden soil, plants and trees.

The high tide.

It's wonderful some areas are being cleaned but from here the view is not so good-the job is enormous and we need to help and be helped with it.
To register to help locally go here.
To support local craft workers and donate to the flood appeal go to my etsy store here

On Saturday we managed with some wonderful volunteers to perform a miracle mammoth clean up at Northey street community farm. On Sunday we held a combined organic and village life markets in the Northey Street farm carpark.

Gumnut hill stationery, Luvya doll, Fauve fibres and my own dash robin stall raised funds for the flood appeal reaching a total donation of over $200.

For those of you who visited us and are helping in any way to contribute to the flood appeals and clean up efforts all that you are doing is being deeply appreciated.
Best wishes to all,
X Kate


garcia.sol said...

I know I'm making my contribution :) I've made brooches to be donated. You've done some wonderful work! xoxo

Jetta's Nest said...

Moreton Bay is in a real state and it's so very sad. I've got some photo's on my blog at the moment that I took at Bongaree the other day. We walked for about 2km's picking up as much small nasty rubbish as we could. So much can't survive with the rush of freshwater. Keep it up Kate!!!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Well done Kate....its all the little bits together that make a big difference :-)

melania said...

Wowsers all that stuff that floated down the river really did end up washed up in the bay. That's a crazy mess. Going in to MDA in a bit, talk to you this afternoon xox