Friday, January 7, 2011

hello world

Hello, I thought I'd share a picture of the toy I mentioned a post or two back that my neighbours son chose...he was made with beautiful wool from my treasured stash of
I feel like having a bit of a chat about the environment. I hope people who enjoy my craft also enjoy reading about other interests, if not simply skip it! :o)

Flooding has always been part of a cycle here and is getting more extreme due to global warming and it's effects. And I am noticing a lack of news coverage or discussion about the fact that while we are in a flood period now, we have just come out of droughts. It is my view these extremes need to be accepted and their effects and causes looked into further.
There are lots of things we can do to tackle some of these effects locally, if we know how.
We can plant trees along river banks, much like this beautiful re vegetation plantation which my dad worked on in his home town.

We can buy recycled paper products instead of consuming products created from the destruction of forests. There are beautiful recycled products available now including
Gumnut hill stationery products. I love this collection!

Anyway, there is just so much we can do and be involved with and it is my wish we would as a society take a little initiative in nurturing our home here on earth and the creatures we share it with.
Happily these rains provide nutrients and vegetation to vast areas of land, so lots of little creatures will soon be having boom times in a brilliant habitat, which after the dry years is a lovely thing.
Of course the animals who are suffering from displacement in the short term need a hand and you can find out more and donate via reputable organisations such as wildlife Queensland.
The frogs are already revelling in the conditions and these are a couple I found in my yard...

Don't you want to give them a little kiss?


Chrissy Foreman C said...

You rock Kate - great post xx

Alice said...

that little frog you made is cuuute! It looks like it's dancing!
It's interesting, watching mother earth and her cycles.... I know we are destroying the environment in a terrible way, and there is so much we can do as a population as well as individually.... but
I rememer once waaaay back when I was in first year at uni I took an environmental geography paper, and my lecturer was fascinating... one thing he said that I've remembered for 12 years (!) is that we are afraid of the temperatures changing on earth, yet before people started managing it and measuring it, tenps were waaaaaay colder and waaaaaay hotter... we are living on a living organism, a beautiful piece of the goddess who has her own agenda that we can not control! We want things to be our way, to rain here, not rain there, be warmer here but not too warm because then that will melt that... but this is one more thing that humans can't control which is frightening!
But yes! Lets care for the planet and do what we can to help her keep her balance and us too... good on you for spreading the word Kate! I love seeing things like the planting that your dad did, it's awesome seeing people working with nature to live comfortably together!

dash robin said...

Yes we do live on a beautiful place! :0) I hope where we have gone in and destroyed we can go in and repair. Put some love back into a places we have treated badly!

Moois van mie said...

those frogs are so perfect and beautiful!!!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

It is all about balance isn't it! We have loads of little brown frogs at our place at the moment. They sit on the cold rails of the gate to the horse yard at night and occasionally when I am not thinking I put my hand on one by mistake....gosh it makes me jump and then I laugh to see the tiny little cute! Is your softie a frog or a dinosaur?? Boys and I are having an argument over it :-)

dash robin said...

Frog :0) but y'know happy to be interpreted as either!