Thursday, January 20, 2011

my creative space

Hello. I don't know if I am really ready for this. With everything and more which is going on right now I have been trying my hand at cute and sweet...I really don't know if I have succeeded with this one...cute or odd?
I was slightly distracted while making it up last night by the constant flashes and booms of the thunderstorms and the subsequent invasion/visit of my kitchen by these lil cuties.

About seven turned up on my back kitchen windows! All very charming and lovely. My cat Tripitaka did not agree and thought it best to try and catch them so he was quickly plopped into the laundry. He ought to be in theatre, he was such a Sarah Bernhard-very theatrical meowing about his confinement, I wonder what my neighbours thought of his meow-yowling at 9.30 at night!!

(Wouldn't mind if they knew how to cook!)

Anyway, please anyone with little kids if you don't mind ask their opinion, its meant to be for hope softys but I have a nasty feeling its more like 'confuse children' softys at this point...I am absolutely willing to simply give one of my amigurumi or other dolls so don't be hesitant if you think its not going to comfort.
And now I am going to check up on all that's happening in creative spaces-glad you're back at it Kirsty, thanks for hosting once again-yay!


Chantal said...

Those frogs are gorgeous. My daughter aged 3 declined the offer of the softie to cuddle in bed at night (to put this in perspective though she has one very very favourite elephant and has in the past declined the offer of some very girly pink soft dolls, so you're up against tough competition. My son aged 4 said yes to cuddling the softie in bed at night : )

teddybearswednesday said...

OOOH I'm super jealous of your visitors!!! They are just the cutest things!xo

Baa-Me Kniits said...

The frogs are lovely and I can just imagine Tripi stuck in confinement...don't they hate it! My boys downed the sofie????...face not right they said, sorry :-)

Steph said...

I think your softie is fab! And to some little munchkin whose lost everything he or she will be magic! Thanks so much for your support. Wishing you a grand and froggy weekend.
STeph :) x x

michelle said...

my kids would definitely give your softie the thumbs up. they love anything that is a bit quirky and has personality. not everything has to be all pink and fluffy. i think he's cute. as are the frogs

dash robin said...

Thanks for the feedback kids! It's really great to have a range of views. I made another one and will donate them both- I guess with children, as with anyone, it's 'each to thier own' and I will send them and hope they find thier way to the right hands :0) the puppies aren't mine, but very cherished nonetheless. Xo

Bron said...

I think the beauty of the softie is in the one who receives it...I am sure that each that is made will reach the right person for the right timing.

Louise | Italy said...

Wonderful frogs! Love 'em. Love your little doll too. I've found that there's no telling what little children will light upon as cute and lavish all their love onto. I'm sure both your creations will find loving little hands!