Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Don't work...just play with meeee!

hello again, quite a bit of blogging going on lately.Distracted from doing my permaculture design project?? Never. Ahem....oh well, let's just go with it...

It's really hard to take a good shot of my black cat-he always just looks like a black blob!
And even harder considering he thinks a camera is something to play with, y'know give a bit of a scratch to. Objects or beings Tripitaka doesn't want to scratch'll get back to you on that one...*

Anyhoo, Tripitaka had the generosity today to be dozing in full sunlight. this isn't the best shot but look closely- see his secret stripes in this shot, the reddish areas-they cover him from tip to tail, we didn't see them for quite a while, only in the brightest light do they show up.

This is his classic come hither look-"see my fluffy, furry soft belly, I only want a pat"-then whammo, he curls up around you like a little cat ball, whips out his out his claws and clamps his teeth down on your wrist. Don't be fooled, no, no, don't be fooled.

And lastly this is his subtle and adorable way of indicating he'd like a chin rub.
(And of course this gives him a great chance to give a finger a nip!)

X Kate
*Food! He won't scratch food!


Marg said...

Very cute, I have the same problem with my black cat, very difficult to take a good shot where you can see her face. She looks brown in sunlight.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Tripitaka is a cheeky boy! My black cat has stripes in the right light as well :-)