Wednesday, April 27, 2011

pink and pretty

Today I began a new pattern, learning a funny counter intuitive stitch sequence along the way. The x shaped sequence of stitches sets up a loop ready for a treble cluster in the following row.

As I created the set up line I was having a running commentary in my head of, 'oh this can't be right, I put that over here and now I do what? And where? But that looks awful...HUH?'
But as I started the next row it all fell into place. See the first treble going into the x shaped loop above, it's a neat little trick, some may even use the word nifty, some pattern makers are so clever!

(The pattern is 'Francesca' hat from 'cute crochet clothes for kids' by Sue Whiting.)

And here's some garden pretties-rosella flowers and flower bud. These are in my top five favourite plants- they are strikingly gorgeous and the fruit can be made into a lovely jam or cordial. Somehow though I seem to always plant mine too late in the year!!

And despite swearing to get them in earlier this year I slipped up again and am not at all confident the bees will pollinate them in time. I have my fingers and toes crossed, but at least with a plant this pretty I already have some joy from them.


Maxabella said...

Pretty colour. I actually have no idea what the rest of the crochet bit of the post means, but I am sure this will turn out lovely!

Your garden must be so lovely to have these photos come from it. Mine is all dull right now. x

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I'm going to have to check out that pattern now, and yes Rosella Jam is yummy!

Chrissy Foreman C said...

Love the little bitt pink crochet work!

Kate said...

I love those fancy shmancy crochet patterns.
I really must pick my hook up and have a play, yours looks just too lovely.
Have a great week.