Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holiday crochet catch up...

This shot is of a portion of some fingerless gloves which were a secret custom order for lovely Anca. Anca and her husband Peter make and sell beautiful 'happy flame' beeswax candles at Village Life Market at Northey Street, Mullumbimby Market and a few other places too, I am a big fan of their beautiful coloured candles.

Peter requested some in this lovely shade for her birthday, so I dyed some fauve fibre yarn and love the way the light shone through the fibres as they dried on the window ledge.

I love making these gloves, so comfy I wear mine to bed on especially cold nights! Are you a fan of pink? I don't mind it, in soft shades like this, but usually go for rich shades like the red above...we all have our faves don't we? These were fun to make with a cotton and wool blend darker contrast top.

And I loved making up this scarf- it's destined for my amazing generous neighbour who recently gave me an enormous lot of beautiful fabrics-thick rich corduroy, wools, etc.
I wanted to make something very special for her and had seen some beautiful examples of Queen Annes Lace scarves on wonderful Crochet with Raymond blog. The pattern is great, I am not sure if I have it exactly right, but it all looked pretty and that's what counts, right?

I love the flow of this pattern, its intricate without being fussy, if you'd like to make one yourself head over here to crafty boys blog for the pattern...


Baa-Me Kniits said...

I love that Queen Anne's Lace scarf as well, its on my to do list :-)

What dyes do you use for your wool Kate? Hot or cold?

Pop over to my blog and let me know if you want to participate in Lucy's adventure, Her first stop is Brisbane with my SIL so your blog would be perfect for her first visit :-)

Hope you are enjoying the holidays....they are going much too fast!!

Alice and Raymond said...

you have been blogging frequently! I love the queen Annes lace scarf, it's gorgeous, looks like you made it perfectly to me! Your neightbour will love it! And your dyeing, wow, those colours are stunning!
I'm loving that grey scarf too, the one you made up as you went from the other post too! Beautiful!
Tripitaka looks sooooo flipping cute! His furry little tummy looks so pattable! Or maybe not!

Amanda said...

gorgeous gloves kate.

yes shame i'm not there to peruse your kitchenalia etc, i think as far as consumeristic weaknesses though, you could do much worse!

i have a bit of a weakness for vintage dresses at the moment too..