Friday, April 15, 2011


Anyone who knows me, in person, will know how much I love op-shops and garage sales because of my appreciation of vintage wares...

One or two photos of selected areas of my house on a blog looks quite sophisticated and minimal, and readers who have never been to my house could be forgiven for thinking how sweet it it all must be.
But this passion has created a humungous storage problem; pretty things have over run my cupboards, indeed my whole home; I have pale coloured 50s crockery piled high in kitchen cupboards, loads of linen table cloths placed on any horizontal surface & the extras stacked up on top of wardrobes-alongside the boxes of vases and doilies and wall plates and anodised cups...

And these things are beautiful, so special and unique, much too lovely to not be in use, to be packed away. So I will be bringing a whole bunch of bits and pieces, cups and saucers, lovely bowls, etc along to Village life market this Sunday for sale.

I hope this goes well, wish me luck won't you, so it can become a regular thing, I really do cherish this hobby of mine, its fun to be a gatherer, a bit bower bird, and if I can share these items then this will become a way to nourish this interest, and also keep these treasures being treasured! So stop by my stall on Sunday for some of these some of this!



Alice and Raymond! said...

Good Luck!!!
I hope it goes really well for you, and don't see why it wouldn't! Have fun and sell heaps! Oh and I'm loving the scarves you've made, pray tell me, is that brick stitch?! THey look lovely as always!
Have a lovely weekend !

angelina said...

dont get rid of too much vintage lovelies!!! x