Monday, April 18, 2011

easter break!

hey there and happy holidays!!
I am so content to be home this easter, I have a week off work and going to class-yeeehaa!
It's been raining ALL day(typical school holiday weather!), but as my son requested a day at home for art that suited us all great!

We made lots of marble roller coaster constructions (you know those plastic tube things which connect together multiple ways?), painted, wrote stories and looked out the windows at the heavy rain!

It won't be all play this Easter though; I have some work to do though- got to get my permaculture design plan started.
To get the ball rolling I have been enjoying some dreaming, some observing, some positive visualisations-luckilly we just had a field trip to some amazing houses and farms up at Crystal waters so I have lots of inspiration! That's where all these amazing houses in the piccys were-aren't they wonderful?
The measuring and drafting process of the design will be a little less fun for me but its good to challenge yourself(isn't it?!)

Anyway I will break it up by getting my ol' hook out and making some more free form was so satisfying making this scarf up as I went along. I also have a dragon toy to repair, a long overdue secret project to finish and post and some newly swapped fabrics to play with!

Pretty cool easter plans, huh? What about you? Hope you have some great things lined up and happy easter!

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Baa-Me Kniits said...

Those are dream homes!! I would love something like that. We have fantastic land but our house is an old block home (for the cyclones) that reminds me of an amenities block. When I first saw this place it was a case of love the land but hate the house....but then you only see it from the inside once you are inside and we spend a lot of time outside :-) Have a great easter break Kate! I have to get our BAS done so I had better stock up on chocolate :-)