Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beers and beanbags

Its good enough for me...the movie, 'goonies' played on Friday night at southbank and I was so excited. I thought it was the coolest film when I was younger, and with time it has only gotten funnier and sillier. Seeing a film out in the open at night is great and t'was especially lovely, with beautiful weather, bats flying overhead and beers... And we even hired beanbags($3-bargain!)
The open air film screenings have only just started so keep an eye out, 'Milk' is coming up and so is (drum roll please, I can hardly wait)...'Ferris buellers day off.' EeeeeeK. I was a girl of the eighties. Ruth could remember so many lines of the Goonies I felt like an amateur. Do not play any kind of 80's quiz with her, she may pass as a sophisticated opera singer above that kind of thing but she is also a on the sly genius with her 80's stuff.
Apart from filmy-friendly nights I have been going along to the various markets of Brisbane. The Green flea market in West end has such great food and coffee and we spent a lazy Satd'y morning there with some lovely friends. The yummy Greek food stall can't be beat, with scrumptious haloumi rolls and delicious home-made tzatiki.
This morning my flatmate and I visited Northey street market and got some organic goodies and plants. If you haven't tried blue quongdong jam yet, you really don't know how good jam can be. And scones with organic jam and organic cream served with rooibos earl grey tea, well, words fail me.
I used the c.w.a recipe and it is the best-and fast and simple:
You need
2 cups of self raising flour,
1 cup milk,
1/4 teaspoon each of salt and sugar,
4 tablespoons cream.
Mix the dry ingredients first, then stir in the rest to form a damp dough.
Turn out and really lightly roll out to about an inch or so thick. Cut into good sized chunks and pop on a tray into a hot oven(about 200degrees) for about 10 minutes. Brush with melted butter when they come out and gobble them up with cream and jam. Then go have a nap.

This coming Friday is market night at Blackstar. It feels like so long since I have been in there! I am really excited and have lots of really wonderful new things to share. I have been working with a fantastic talented seamstress and together we have created some things I am very pleased and proud with. Indeed a couple won't be coming in at all because I can't bear to part with them! I can't wait for that beautiful blackstar iced coffee too-mm.mmm.
I bumped into Vonney at the markets and we discussed our shared need for some more art therapy and craft events in the shop. To that end I will be heading into the shop to do some finishing throughout this week. I will post up when onto facebook but if you have the urge for a coffee you may find me in the shop, busy, busy, but happy, oh so happy to chat(and procrastinate.)

I was looking out for organic or renewable fibres such as bamboo, but they don't have much in that line at 'threads'. They do have a very wide selection so this came as a bit of a surprise to me.
If you are after organically produced wools or alternative fibres I found that 'Thurechts' in Redcliffe have a brand new selection of natural fibres.
I am very pleased to see the organic fibre market being supported in Brisbane and Thurechts stock organic cotton, organic wool and silky soft bamboo yarns- in some really lovely colours and weights. They are really wonderful yarns too, soft and natural to touch. As we head into cooler months I recommend anyone interested in getting into knitting to start off with real natural and organic fibres-you will never look back. Bamboo in particular is a really silky fibre and is produced without much need for herbicides or pesticides, and it feels absolutely divine against skin.
I have been very tempted but have lots of wool sourced second hand and from un wound garments to use up first... and on that note I better get myself a cuppa and pick up the hook again.

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