Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday mornings...

Few things in life make me feel happier and more content than drinking a cup of tea in a beautiful garden, so visiting the Northey street market cafe is high on my list of lovely things to do.
There is a large market (sellers/growers of organic produce) open Sunday mornings, with a chai and coffee cafe & the edible landscapes nursery is open too. This nursery is attached to the farm and is the best fruit,veg and herb nursery in Brisbane. They have a diverse range, cheap prices and use excellent environmentally sustainable practices...I was happy to part with $5 for my most favourite flowering tea herb, pineapple sage(it has beautiful pink flowers and a gorgeous fragrance).
After my drink I wandered around soaking up the mild weather and the beautiful surrounds.
These beautiful plants are rosellas, they are a native hibiscus flower and the stunning ruby red fruit can be used to make delicious jams. I have tried unsuccessfully to grow some and can only stare in awe and envy at the huge beautiful patch of rosella shrubs in bloom there.

Visiting places like this helps me relax and focus as I get prepared for the next few days of workshops. I have loved researching and working away on plans and ideas, but its big breath time again as another avalanche of information is about to come my way!


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