Thursday, March 5, 2009


These are my favourite pillow cases-I give thanks to the many op shops across Brisbane, because of thier existence I have lovely 100%cotton bedding, in exceptionally groovy patterns. These pillow cases were 50 cents each, which when you consider 100%cotton pillow cases are usually at least $10 and up anywhere else, is a bit of a steal.
You may be wondering why i am sharing my pillow case collection with you, well I will admit it, this is a post coming to you direct from my glamourous and sexy..not!
I have copped another "flu-virus whatever" and feel like I am half Koala half woman again(now that I have finished sleeping, must be time for a nap!)
However on the upside I have been happilly hooking(or crankilly crocheting, if you prefer) and making these fuzzy flowers...
and this fuzzy cap.
This pattern is from the chicks with sticks guide to crochet,(surfer cap) and was done up with 100%wool. I imagine it will be good for winter here, enough yarn thickness to keep me warm outside but open spaced so not too stuffy to wear indoors.
The photos are not the best but you get the idea...and my own little question is, why do I want to crochet when I am sick and not when I am well? In any case I am happy to be 'sticking it to the wool' once more.

And another not so great photo showing the finished article of the boys room divider-hanging thingo(see earlier post).
It looks great and has a really lovely kinetic sculpture like energy when the breeze sways it.
To finish up(cos I surely need a nap) the next little piggy market is on tomorrow, yes Friday night. I am undecided about going, but it should be a fantastic night, bigger and better than last with more stalls, more food and music yet again, with (I think?) the lovely Sitara dj-ing. It starts about 6.30pm, on Thomas Street and in the Blackstar cafe.
hope to see you there,

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Sam said...

:( get well soon Kate.. I hope the crochet-mojo stays with you when the bug departs.