Sunday, March 22, 2009

city farms

I love this season-love, love, love it. We headed out to one of the few places in this city where seasons are noted and planned for...a city farm is a wonderful place for urbanites to recharge thier connection with the ecology.
We headed out late Saturday afternoon for the Autumn equinox festival. Amongst other things we got to have a bit of chook time... what amazing colours these roosters feathers are!
At Northey street city farm seasonal bonfire nights are a regular way of celebrating, and along with food seem to be a big draw card for gatherings, attracting all kinds of people out.
I am always moved by the beauty of the nighttime lighting of the bonfire, the spiralling streams of sparks swirling up into the dark, glowing red-orange lights tracing fleeting lines against the deep inky blue.

Two lovely children dancing together before the fire is lit.

The garden is looking so lush and being surrounded by all the thriving plants and trees and smiling faces is really special for me. The word that comes to mind is 'gentle', its all feels so effortlessly 'right', so natural and calming. These gatherings always attract crowds, with lots of young children playing together or being with thier families but rarely (if ever) are there the tears or tantrums that are so common in urban environments that we almost being to think they are normal.
We loved the sweet acoustic, ambient music, and tried out weaving, natural face painting and yoga, outdoors activities, relaxed and creative.
Even our bellies were warm and full with spicy chai tea and wholemeal mud brick oven baked scones, served up for us with cream and jam.
Once the sun had set and the bonfire was alight the wide grassy area around it became an impromptu dance space, people and kids skipping and clapping around in a loose ring. Luka is into dancing in a big way, he would have stayed all night if he could have, asking for 'once more around,' a few time I will have to pack a thermos with tea and some warmer clothes for when the air gets chilly.
Hope everyone else got in a bit of peace and fun in this weekend,

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