Monday, March 16, 2009


Sometimes I feel like I am on permanent holidays living in Brisbane. I took these as I walked into the city, they are not retouched. It is that sunny, the sky is that blue, the river that wide, the plants that lush...of course the holiday feeling disappeared fairly quickly as my lovely walk ended and the biz babes workshop began.
Today's big head spin was trying to define the benefits of our unique selling propositions without mentioning the attributes of our product or service...oh my. Pass the panadol please! Honestly though, it is a practical, directed and inspiring study group-I feel like I am being equipped to be savvy with my love of art and my creative skills, turning these into something I could actually earn a honest living from, something I never thought possible.
I have been lucky to have had some wonderful learning experiences in the last couple of years, which have kept me moving forward and in a good direction.
I joined the Vulcana womens circus and enjoyed it thoroughly, getting fit, having fun and learning manoeuvres with names like, 'fast dismount'( a scarily accurate name), the 'cocoon'the 'coffin', the Russian climb, etc. I also joined an arts therapy group which lovely Vonney Andrews created, where through creative expression and conversation several women and I explored meaning and identity. So I was up high doing aerial workouts on tissu and trapeze and down low getting grounded and digging into the roots of life and purpose...phew.
Sometimes though, with all this learning, this 'newness' happening, I really enjoy the moments when I can sit quietly and do some crochet...which I guess brings me full circle back to where all the dreams begin...

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