Wednesday, March 11, 2009

some things never change.

I want these-how cool are they-convertible sneaker/rollerskates! I'd never be late again, ha!
Well, anyway, the age of 8-11 of my childhood can be mostly summed up with two things-roller skating and books, or more specifically libraries.
I really haven't changed much.
I had a few minutes to fill today so I popped into a bcc library...ooooh, did I find some goodies!
I love books, love them, in fact I revel in my big fat inner nerd and still usually hit up a library at least once a week. And now with cds, dvds, internet access, etc, there is oh- so- much more to love.
And if you aren't into libraries can I take a minute to recommend them because
-they are free (does that word sound like its singing to you, too?)
- they are absolutely eco-friendly-what could be more inclusive and environmentally friendly than a place dedicated to sharing resources with a whole community, brilliant.
(And if you aren't and weren't ever into roller skating...dunno what to suggest really, maybe go read another blog? ;o)

Today's interesting book finds-

"Cath Kidston in print"

'Grouped by fabric type, each chapter showcases Cath's own choice of vintage and modern fabrics—from painterly florals and faded chintzes to cool abstracts and cozy patchworks. To help the reader achieve the look, she’s included sixty simple do-it-yourself projects such as curtains, cushion covers, pillowcases, laundry bags, and more.'

That's the blurb, so you know they will go on about her particular fabrics... but the beautiful photos within illustrate how (your own)vintage fabrics can be used in really surprising but effective ways to create lovely interiors and special pieces.

(-p.s-having now found a chance to go through this book more thoroughly I can add another good reason to borrow rather than buy books. I picked it up expecting to find 60 patterns...hmm, the projects are little more than a paragraph long. Theres no real detail or instruction and the book contains not one single pattern...its really more like a coffee table book, if you know what I mean, lovely to look at but...)

'Seventeen craft bloggers, seventeen different stories, and seventeen patterns.'

The crafters companion.

This book is summed up so well I can't add much more than that... and its not even possible to explain how much I love this book! Its great.

In craft-land I have been happily crocheting still and have started making myself a poncho.
I love that word. Poncho. Anyway, I also finished the birthday cap and Christel looks cute in it and I am chuffed to know my little sister has a cap from some of the wool from my dads big green jumper...
I am one present down only 3 more to go...gulp!

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