Wednesday, March 18, 2009

oui, oui

Last night the lovely French singer Melanie Pain, (of Nouvelle Vague), played at the Zoo...there was a smallish, very chic crowd, lots of cute frocks and european style glasses frames, (I always have such fun watching people-and they were all so cute!)

The staff had covered the pool tables with heavy cloths, going to some efforts to make the space seem more intimate and Parisian...but hmmm...I am sorry to say the thick humid air and odd layout of the Zoo wasn't the best fit. It was a beautiful performance, so it would be lovely if the environment was right. I do love the Zoo, but there is a definite need in Brissy for an intimate lounge type of venue.

I am always interested in the details of spaces I am in. Visual things draw my attention, it has always been the way I move through the world...I think about and compare it all, from tiny stitches and detailing on hand embroidered fabrics to the material used on lampshades in a venue, it seems important to me. This is why I am attracted to handmade creations and obviously, to making them myself. I can ponder over what button to use(and its so good to have big choice-colour, material,age,size,design,shinyness,dullness...I love jars of buttons!)...what yarn texture will work with which colour and where exactly to place it so it all just seems 'right.' And hopefully all that attention to detail, all that craft and crafting, creates such a unity or sense of grace about a piece, that it will comfort and bring joy.


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