Thursday, March 12, 2009

roast potatoes

It's getting cooler in Queensland again, the humidity dropping enough to allow jeans to be worn(yay!) and even proper shoes (instead of daggy practical thongs!)
I also joyfully head back into the kitchen, turn on the oven, and roast potatoes. The first roast of the year has left our household well stuffed with no complaints-YUM!

I am getting ahead of myself- but after these sticky, stormy summer months I feel like yelling up at the lovely cool grey clouds, "Bring it on! Oi! Call that cold? You, yeah you, show me what you can do!" Oh cool weather, its so nice to see it again.

Now, let me introduce you to...this...

shhh, my little one is fast asleep. Made today this owl?gumble?randomly shaped toy, is made from the finest piece of fabric. Isn't it fabulous-the groovy little ripples, the mixture of bright and dull colours, the fact that it is corduroy, hm-hmm, I adore it...if only there had been enough for a skirt!

I am sure there are many people rushing out to spend their economic stimulus bonus (besides paying bills) on all manner of 'stuff' at plazas and big name stores...and I am sure I will find myself lured in at some point. Besides that though, now that I have a spare dollar or two again, I can't wait to go visit the nanas in the oppys and have a good old rummage. Ah, my love for dusty old fabric stashes never wanes ,despite my growing conviction that I have enough...maybe...;o)


Sam said...

yum! roast potatoes have been big on our menu the last few weeks, what with the massive amount we get weekly in our organic veg box. Favourite recipe - mix olive oil, garlic and splash of balsamic vinegar, toss spuds through, salt and cook hot - YUM!

Anonymous said...

Thought you might like the look of some of these Japanese craft books...