Sunday, March 8, 2009


Happiness for me is not just a cup of tea and choclate. Although they are pretty 'key' issues, true.
It's also to be found in making a present. So completely enjoyable to make and will be such a joy to give(another crocheted surfer cap, so easy now I have grasped the pattern.)
Each little loop is made with relaxed attention, fingers passing along the whole length of the yarn, touching it lightly, wrapping and spinning and catching the fibres. It has such a pleasing gentle rhythm. It may be speeded up now though as the birthday is tomorrow...
I am on the mend, after eating loads of kids party style junk food yesterday(little Finns now big 4!)
Anyway, darn it, I missed the market. Although I wished I could go, I did enjoy resting and being home with my boys. It's the simplest things that bring me such pleasure with them, like today all three of us colouring in the same picture, lazing on my bed. And Luka saying, "you can do whatever you want to!" so happilly, delighting in whatever style Jack and I used and complimenting our efforts through out.
The encouragement they give eachother warms my heart. Todays beautiful moment was Luka calling out to Jack to climb up and join him on a platform on a high rope climb. Yesterday (with lovely honesty) Jack had spoken of the platform as a place he'd never reach because,"I don't have the guts to."
But today he did do it, because his litle brother was excited for him and wanted him too. And so his desire to share in Lukas joy and support his little brothers good feelings, in turn made him reach for more too...a nice deal, huh?

Hmm, I am glad I am writing these really quite easilly forgettable moments down and making a record of them. It might just help them stay in my memory, because the teenage years are ahead and I really have some big fears about them! But for now I shall do my best to take in these good times and try and store them in my heart for any (potential) challenging times to come.
now I gotta get back to the cap,
P.S- what about these weather conditions, hey? Bushfires, floods, now cyclones, what next, locusts??!!

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Sam said...

awww lovely.. i had a little tear in my eye. Your boys really are a credit to you - they are such gorgeous, gentle, loving kids.